No Longer Forbidden?

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No Longer Forbidden?, Jan 2013

No Longer Forbidden?

Exciting News:

No Longer Forbidden? will come out in North America in December 2013 as part of a 2-in-1 promo with More Than A Convenient Marriage?, a linked book about Nic’s sister, Adara and her husband Gideon.

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She told herself her reaction stemmed from the unexpectedness of seeing him face to face after so long, but it was more than that. Nic always made her heart trip and her breath catch. And—this was new since throwing herself at him in a hideous moment of desperation two years ago—die a little of abject mortification.

She hid that, but couldn’t help react to his presence. He was so gorgeous! Which shouldn’t matter. She knew loads of good looking men. Perhaps none combined the blond Viking warrior with the cold Spartan soldier quite the way he did, but marble-carved jaws and chilly, piercing blue eyes were a mainstay among her mother’s film and stage crowd.

Nic’s looks were the least of his attributes though. He was a man of unadulterated power, physically honed and confident to the point of radiating couched aggression. Nic had always been sure of himself, but the authority he projected was ramped to new heights. Rowan felt it as a force that leapt off him to catch hold of her like a tractor beam that wanted to draw her under his control.

She reflexively resisted. There was no room for quiet defensiveness when she came up against this man’s aura. She instinctively feared she’d drown if she buckled to his will so she leapt straight to a stance of opposition.

Besides, he was one of the few people she could defy without consequence. She’d never had anything to lose with Nic, not even his affection. He’d hated her from day one, something that had always stung badly enough without him proving it on her twentieth birthday by reacting to her kiss with such contempt. She tried very hard not to care that he didn’t like her. She definitely didn’t let herself show how much it hurt.

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